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Detection of an electric Fiat 600e 2024

The fully electric Fiat 600e 2024 recently appeared in a promotional video posted online from the manufacturer.

While brands are usually keen to provide a lot of media buzz before launching new cars, by hinting

at designs and revealing advantages, Fiat takes a different approach.

In a surprise move, the Italian brand has included exterior and interior footage of the upcoming Fiat

600e in a video of its own, making sure to keep it from the lights.

Fiat 600e was accidentally uncovered early last May, when it appeared without coverage while

filming press videos.

As expected, the small SUV relies on the distinctive design features of the Fiat 500 family and offers

new items such as “eyelashes.”

Inside, the dashboard has a clean and simple design, with round-shaped digital performance counters and a prominent moving main display.

Although there are “600” badges on the exterior body, the small SUV officially bears the name 600e.

This method is compatible

This method of naming is compatible with the small Fiat 500e, emphasizing the fully electric power generation system.

It is worth mentioning that Fiat 600e is not designed to replace the larger 500X model, and

rumours suggest that 500X may move to the luxury car category in the next generation.

Fiat remained reticent about the exact technical details of the 600e 2024.

However, some projections suggest that it will rely on the same platform in the

Avanger pocket and other cars of similar sizes within the Stellants range.

Fiat 600e is expected to feature a single electric motor that generates up to 154

horsepower and torque up to 260 Nm.

The vehicle is likely to be equipped with a 54 kWh battery pack, providing the power

needed for the electric motor.

In addition, reports indicate that 600 petrol engine options will be available in some markets, including Italy.

The type is expected to be equipped with a 100-horsepower three-cylinder petrol engine, linked to a manual gearbox.

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