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Lotus Elite May Own Level IV Autonomous Command

The fully electric Lotus Elite can achieve Level 4 autonomous driving thanks to a range of sophisticated

sensors with which it is equipped.

Lotus Elite is distinguished and not only because it is the brand’s first electric production car, but also

because it uses many LiDAR systems, where two of these systems are deployed on the front collider, with

a third LiDAR on the roof, and Lotus has also equipped this vehicle with radar devices and high-precision cameras.

Speaking with Autocar magazine, Lotus Robotic CEO Lee Poe revealed that Eletree’s car is too close to

being a real tier three autonomous car, noting that it provides prolonged hands-free driving.

He says a sports car can travel up to 200 km before it needs human intervention.

And although this is pretty amazing, Lotus thinks it can do much better than that. where you want your

Eletree to be able to travel 100,000 km before you need human intervention, If successful, it

would be the equivalent of level IV autonomous driving.

Fleet of models tested

A fleet of Lotus Elite models was self-tested on the streets of China, and the company’s president noted

that the sophisticated autonomous driving systems of the car can learn from the way the owner likes to


The Lotus Elite starts at $111,708, making it compete with Porsche Cayenne in the medium price category.

Both the Lotus Elite price starts at US $111,708, Eletree S at US $130,430 and provides 595 hp and 710

Nm of electric motor power.

They can travel up to 600 km before the need to recharge the battery, and

can recharge from 10% to 80% in just 20 minutes.

Superperformers can choose a Lotus Elytre R with a starting price of $149,777, providing 893 horsepowe

r and 985 Nm of torque, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h within 2.95 seconds, and possessing

up to 490 km.

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