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Porsche Mission X Hypercar Electric Rapid New Test

Take a deep breath and learn about the newest all-electric hypercar it’s Porsche Mission X test that has

now and officially emerged.

On Porsche’s 75th anniversary, the iconic sports car company gave itself a distinctive anniversary gift,

a supercar that the brand says will be the fastest ever production car around the Nurburgring Circuit.

The Porsche Mission X has now appeared in a test version only, but it paves the way for a new fast

car that will be made in the future if God willing to record great speed numbers.

When this new car is launched

At the launch of this new vehicle, Porsche stated that it offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio of at

least one horse of power per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of weight, got a whole new design, and runs entirely on 900 volts of electricity.

Perhaps we should remind you of Porsche’s last sports supercar, the 918 Spyder exclusive Hybrid made

from 2013 to 2015 with a total weight of 1,678 kilograms and a total strength of up to 875 horsepower.

According to press forecasts, this news star may have twice as many Porsche 918 Spyder power numbers,

meaning this electric car has around 1,700 horses of power! This is just a guess but if it were close to

reality it would make the star of the most powerful Porsche going down the road with much more power

than even the 919 Hybrid Evo race car intended for circuit only.

We must remind you that 918 Spider’s car, which was previously tried by a rumoured bullhorn

in the past, is the first car licensed to drive on public streets that cut off the Norburgring

Circuit track in less than 7 minutes.

It is the first car licensed to drive on public streets

German company unveiled Porsche Mission X test on the company’s 75th anniversary on the eve of the

100 years of Le Mans 24 hours of endurance, And there’s a natural link here where the design of this new

car is said to be inspired by Le Mans racing cars, they have doors opening forward

. Some of its features

are derived from the classic 917 race car, which has a glass bubble that covers the protected passenger

cabin with a carbon fibre exoskeleton.

Inside this bubble carried by the newest hypercar is a cabin featuring seats of a different colour for the

driver and passenger as well as a six-point belt for both, and there is a sports handlebar and a strange

part in front of the accompanying passengers that looks like meters.

This new test vehicle is 4.496 mm long, 1.999 mm wide, making the new star 152 mm shorter than

Porsche 918 Spyder, but 51 mm wider.

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