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Zeekr X SUV Electric 422 Horsepower Launch

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Zeekr unveiled its Zeekr X SUV officially in China on Wednesday.

This vehicle has a range of up to 560 kilometers and a price starting at $28,000, to challenge electric car

giant Tesla and its other competitors in China before launching in Europe.

Zeekr was founded in 2021 and is a manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles and specialized in the very

active Chinese market in this field.

Since the launch of the Zeekr 001 model, the company’s first luxury electric vehicle model, the company

has proliferated significantly and later added the Zeekr 009 luxury multipurpose model to its lineup earlier this year.

Zeekr’s electric car sales almost doubled last year due to strong demand for its electric sedan. Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturer announced that it will add two new models in addition to its expansion in Europe.

It was initially expected that the company’s third model would bear the name Zeekr 003.However, make

sure through the new images posted on social media that they will be released as Zeekr X.

The electric Zeekr X was launched

The Zeekr X electric SUV was officially launched in China recently.

From its appearance, Tesla and German luxury car companies can compete in China and Europe.

The new Zeekr X will start at a low price starting at around $27,600 in China, and includes advanced

features usually found in luxury cars.

The company’s executive director Annie Ann told Reuters that features such as facial recognition and an

optional refrigerator would be provided inside the vehicle.

According to the announcement, the Zeekr X will be equipped with two electric motors and a 66 kWh

battery, providing up to 422 horsepower and 543 Nm of torque

The new Zeekr X will start at a low price

The company is expected to offer three different models, offering a low-priced version of five seats, a rear

payment system and a range of up to 560 kilometres.

For comparison, Tesla’s base Model Y starts at about $38,000 after slightly raising the price earlier this

year and features a range of up to 545 kilometers.

Zeekr also announced that it will begin delivering the new vehicle to consumers in China by next June,

aiming to deliver 40,000 vehicles this year, after which it will expand into Europe and “Asian markets outside China,” although no specific details are provided.

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