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Easy home ways to clean car headlights

Car headlights are among the most important elements of driving a car safely at night. However, like other parts of the car, they are exposed to dirt as a result of natural factors and the frequent exposure of the car to the sun, dust and other factors that affect the cleanliness and health of the lamps.

Perhaps the most prominent thing that appears on the lamps due to these factors is their fading color and its tendency towards yellowing, which leads to the following results:

double vision

The effect is on the shape of the front of the car.

Yellowing worsened as a result of neglecting to clean the bulbs.

Difficulty removing yellowing if left for a long time, which may lead to the need to change the bulbs bottle.

Unclear lighting for cars coming from the opposite direction.

However, the solution to this problem may be much easier than you expect, and there are several ways to clean the headlights of the car without much trouble and without the need to change them, and the following are the most prominent of these methods:

Car polish:

There are two types of it, the first is a liquid for polishing cars, and the second is a special paste for this purpose. You can use it to clean the headlights of the car, as it gives very good results.

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