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How many charging stations does the Tesla Supercharge network have?

Have you ever wondered how many charging stations Tesla SuperCharge network has since it recently got a new upgrade to 4G?

The Tesla Supercharge charging network has expanded in recent days to more than 1,000 stations in Europe, while the number reached 2,000 stations in North America this month.

We don’t know the current number in China, but there were more than 1,500 Tesla Charging Stations at the end of 2022 (10,000 individual containers), and very soon it’s also expected to reach 2,000.

Globally, Tesla has more than 5,000 Supercharged charging stations, and since their total number is over 45,000 individual containers as of April 9, we can expect to hear in the next few months about another major milestone which is reaching 50,000 charging containers by the beginning of the quarter. the third of 2023.

According to the American electric vehicle maker, the North American portion of its SuperCharge charging network, which is compatible with the NACS charging connector, provides enough energy per month for up to 500 million miles of driving.

We are talking about a level of 120 ~ 160 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy per month, depending on average energy use and whether charge losses are included.

As Ford and General Motors announce the transition to the Tesla Charging Delivery Standard (NACS) in North America (in 2025), as well as the arrival of NACS-compatible vehicles in the Tesla Supercharge network (in 2024), we may see a significant increase in NACS stations. New shipping next year.

Separately, Tesla has begun opening up its SuperCharge network to other vehicles (that are CCS1 compatible) through the Magic Dock, a built-in CCS1 adapter.

And in Europe, things are easier because Tesla uses a CCS2-compliant charging connector, so there’s no need for adapters when opening up the grille.

All these upgrades are expected to gradually attract non-Tesla brand electric vehicle users to the network, which means more use and more stations to be installed.

Number of Tesla Supercharge network charging stations (worldwide):

Europe: More than 1,000 on June 16, 2023
North America: 2000 on June 3, 2023
Worldwide: more than 5,000 as of May 1, 2023


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