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Necessary steps to maintain your car tires in the summer

With the high temperatures in the summer, the danger increases around many parts of the car, especially the tires, which must be preserved by following the following tips:

You should not use products for polishing and cleaning tires, due to the chemical interaction of some of these materials with tires at high temperatures.

You have to supply the tires with nitrogen in the summer because it is not affected by the heat as much as normal air.

Ensure that tire pressure valve covers are available, and replace damaged and missing ones, so that air does not leak from the valve hole, which leads to lowering the air pressure inside the car tires.

Avoid overloading the car, as it affects the tires when rubbing against the road, exposing the tires to damage due to the heat generated by friction.

Make sure to fill the tires with nitrogen gas, which reduces the temperature of the tires, because it is not affected by the heat like normal air.

Experts advise to avoid using products for polishing and cleaning tires during high temperatures, due to the occurrence of chemical reactions between these materials and tires, which leads to the appearance of cracks in them.

Avoid parking the car in the sun, so that the tires do not crack due to the high temperatures, so try to park the car in shaded places as much as possible to protect the tires and the rest of the car parts.

Finally, be sure to check the tires periodically, to ensure that they are not exposed to any damage, and the need to ensure the integrity of the spare tire.

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