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List of the most reliable cars in the world.. Corolla topping and “electric” disappearing

Conseumer Reports has unveiled the latest list of the world’s most reliable brands and cars, released by Teota Corolla.

The list, transporting its choices, the “CarBaz” website, shows the selected long-term trustworthy cars according to a survey conducted by Conseumer Report, which included the participation of car dealers and consumers, with each vehicle selected on the list given an average rating.

The platform specialized in consumer statistics was prepared on the basis of several factors, including security and protection systems, the economic rate of fuel consumption

driving performance and the degree of safety of electronics by car

with the cost of vehicle maintenance.

With respect to consumer choices of the most reliable cars in the world according to the latest Conseumer Riptors report, Toyota Corolla Hybrid came out on top.

After that, Lexus GX came from Lexus, then Mini Cooper, and Toyota Prius.

On the list also came among the most reliable cars in the world now comes the Mazda MX-5 Miata, then the Lincoln Corsair and then the version powered by a traditional Toyota Corolla combustion engine.

Then the Subaru Crosstrek, followed by the BMW Category III model, and at the end of the list comes another Toyota model, the Prius Prime.

At the same time, the list did not include electric vehicles, with two vehicles operating with a hybrid electric motor.

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